Nils Tabois

Helping people is the greatest thing there is

In 2016, Nils enrolled in ECOintention studies. The course material perfectly matched his intuitive high sensitivity, his aptitude for science subjects and his growing interest in spiritual healing processes. It turned out to be a good choice. In 2020, he started his own company, Make Energy Work. A name and a brand promise in one. Thanks to Make Energy Work and the ECOintention method, he is now able to help people and organizations perform better on multiple levels. With the power of energy. That is extraordinary. Especially in these difficult times.

Energetic Harmonization Coach & Project Leader

Jaleesia has a keen sense of what is needed in the moment. Be it a space, a team or the individual.

Whereas Nils focuses more on harmonizing the organization as a whole, Jaleesia focuses more on the individual.Personal leadership is what ultimately ensures the achievement of individual goals that in turn are aligned with the whole. As a coach, she invites the other person to go with your attention to your inner world.

It makes sense that sooner or later you are going to run into yourself. All entrepreneurs and leaders know struggles.The question is: Are you willing to tackle your problem at its source?

Jaleesia knows better than anyone how organizations seek the balance between being profitable and at the same time continuing to create a competitive offer, where added value for the customer is central. This requires a pleasant staff climate in order to maintain the organization’s right to exist in the long term. After years of working for market leaders in the field of customer service, HR and Learning & Development, Jaleesia puts her knowledge and experience with love alongside Nils for Make Energy Work. Curious about what we can do for you? Get in touch for an introductory meeting.


The impact of Make Energy Work

Through his work on the ambulance, Nils has learned to read people. He feels confident when to act decisively, but he also knows when to be patient. Discipline and caring are two sides of the same coin. And he also learned to listen. Most of the time he knows in a split-second what someone is missing or needs. Which are quite useful qualities in his current work. Or as Nils likes to put it: ‘On the ambulance I could only help 1 person at a time, thanks to make Energy Work I can help a 1,000 people at the same time.’

ECOintention Practitioner