“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

We make energy work for the benefit of your organisation

When a company enters a downward spiral, the solution is usually found in a strategic, policy or operational level. Energy and the influence energy has on our state of mind is often overlooked. The approach of Make Energy Work is aimed at managing energy to benefit your organisation. We create energetic harmony that makes it much easier to establish positive change. Stress disappears, internal communication improves, the quality of your service increases: you will notice that your company catches the wind in all areas.

It’s almost too good to be true. But once you know that matter for 99,999999999999% consists of ‘zero-point energy’ or ‘life energy’, it’s easier to understand that energy is a determining factor for our well-being and the way we function. Thanks to the development of quantum mechanics, physics at an atomic level, we understand energy much better and know how to positively influence it.

The Ecointention method

Our approach is based on the ECOintention method. This method has been successfully applied for 25 years to get the most out of people and to help companies perform better. By combining knowledge from ancient civilisations with the scientific principles of quantum mechanics, we create a ‘flow’ of healthy, vital energy at all levels within your organisation. Stagnant energy is harmonised and blockades are eliminated, which reduces stress and makes it easier to achieve your goals. You’ll find that it will bring more joy to the workplace. And that solutions will present themselves more often without any need for effort to be done. Vital energy is essential to your company’s progress.

Our approach step by step

Make Energy Work brings about a positive and sustainable change that will benefit your organisation for years to come. The energetic change process that we go through entails the following stages:

  1. Intake interview
    Every good collaboration starts with an intake interview. We ask you, among other things, about both the short-term and long-term goals you want to achieve. Based on your input we can create specific nuances in the energetic development of your business.
  2. Energetic start scan
    The start scan measures the energetic values in your organisation: it marks the zero point of the change path we need to go through. By means of 5 scales and 60 different energetic values, we are able to determine what nuances we need to apply to achieve the target values to empower you to achieve your goals.
    Your organisation’s energetic values are measured at 3 levels, all of which are connected and must be balanced:

  • Concept level (executive board, management, vision, inspiration, policy, control and planning);
  • Realisation level (co-workers and departments, products and services, turnover and cash flow, buildings and terrains);
  • Communication or middle level (connects the concept and realisation level; image, internal communication, external communication and communication with stakeholders).
  1. The harmonisation phase (approx. 8 months)
    In this phase we start to work on the energy in your company. We connect with your company’s energy field every day to positively influence the energetic values until the energetic targets are reached. This is determined by extensive measurements taken every 10 days. All energetic values are mapped in the form of graphs, which we link to the daily business of your company. In this way, you can closely monitor the progress made and its impact on your company. Thanks to the scientific principles of quantum mechanics, the harmonisation phase can substantially take place at a distance. Every 6 to 8 weeks we come to you for a progress interview and a measurement on the spot to assess the energetic changes in your organisation.
  2. The stabilisation phase (approx. 3 months)
    At this stage, the energetic targets are achieved. Stagnant, old energy has been harmonised and disruptive communication frequencies from outside such as cell phone towers, have been neutralised. The 3 levels (concept, realisation and communication level) are balanced and mutually reinforcing. You will find that the dust has settled in your organisation and that your colleagues take more pleasure in their work.
  3. The continuation phase (approx. 3 months)
    In the final phase, your company has been energetically harmonised. Revitalised, healthy energy is firmly anchored in the foundation of your organisation. Your colleagues are standing up in their own strength, performing better, and your goals are being realised. We take a measurement every 4 weeks to check that the energetic values are maintained at target levels.

Your role in the journey

During the process we will familiarise you with the basic principles of energy management so that you can provide guidance to the healthy energy within your company. It only takes you 5 minutes a day. We help you get started, provide the right tools and coach you at the moments when you really need it.

The benefits of our energetic change process

The word ‘change process’ is typically used for trajectories that intervene in business operations. Make Energy Work doesn’t. Your business doesn’t have to take a moment offline. And your production and service processes don’t have to be interrupted at all. Even more so, our approach takes place largely outside the line of sight of your colleagues. We only need to involve a limited number of stakeholders in the energetic change process. Think of, for example, the CEO or (some members of) the daily management team. It also follows that your colleagues aren’t required to take part in long, exhaustive training days. With a small group of stakeholders, we are able to bring about deep and tangible changes that make your entire organisation perform better. These positive changes will last for many years.