About Nils

Helping people is in Nils’s blood. As an ambulance driver, he hasn’t done anything else for the past 10 years. It’s rewarding work, but impossible not to bring home with you. The question of how long he could cope with his demanding job, led him to the Center for ECOintention. A centre that trained people to help other people in a holistic way. Based on science.

In 2016 he enrolled in the study of ECOintention. The curriculum seamlessly matched his intuitive high sensitivity, his aptitude for exact sciences and his growing interest in spiritual healing processes. It turned out to be the right choice. In 2020 he started his own company: Make Energy Work. A name and a brand promise rolled into one. And in 2022 he is going to obtain his Master of Science degree. Thanks to Make Energy Work and the ECOintention method, he’s able to improve the performance of people and businesses at multiple levels. Through the power of energy. That’s special, particularly in these difficult times.

Through his work on the ambulance, Nils has learned to read people. He feels confident when to act decisively, but he also knows when to be patient. Discipline and caring are two sides of the same coin. And he also learned to listen. Most of the time he knows in a split-second what someone is missing or needs. Which are quite useful qualities in his current work. Or as Nils likes to put it: ‘On the ambulance I could only help 1 person at a time, thanks to make Energy Work I can help a 1,000 people at the same time.’

Nils Tabois - Make Energy Work
“Helping people is the best thing there is.”

Nils Tabois

ECOintention Practitioner